Party Poker - Best Poker Room


The most popular poker room in the world also caters to players from Singapore. They have more players than anywhere else and have paid out billions in winnings.

They offer all versions of poker including Texas Hold Em. There's all types of tournaments including freerolls, satellites, and of course real money.

You can find tables with low or high stakes and there's a lot of really bad players here which means you can earn good money if you are skilled.


32 Red Poker - Runner Up


Our runner up poker room has an excellent reputation in the United Kingdom and is growing exponentially in Europe. They've achieved this by offering players a rewarding comp program that treats everyone like VIPs.

You can play for real money against tens of thousands of players and there's always a wide number of tables to join.

They pay out winnings fast, have responsive customer service, and a great selection of tournaments to enter.

They are quickly becoming popular all over Singapore.

Bet 365 - Also Recommended


This poker room has slowly established themselves over the years by offering second to none customer service. They treat players well and are quick to respond to player concerns. This responsive customer service is what is setting them apart.

They of course offer all of the popular versions of poker, and they have casino games on the side.

A nice welcome bonus is there to welcome all new players.

About Poker

  Poker is a card game where money is bet, won and lost based on the skill and strategy of the players at the table. Luck plays a factor, but an equally large factor is the skill of each player and their ability to bluff and call the bluffs of others. Bluffing is virtually unimportant for online casinos, however, and so the game comes down to one of skill, intuition and luck.

Poker is actually an entire family of card games, all of which come from a common root. The general idea is that each player places a bet that their hand will be the best at the table. They then circle the table increasing their bets based on the progression of the game. In physical poker, bluffing allows players with sub-par hands to convince other players to back out, winning by default. In online poker, the primary strategy comes from knowing when a hand is potentially the best and when it is a better idea to fold.

One of the most common poker variants to be found online is Texas Hold'em. In this variant, each player is dealt two cards face down. These cards are theirs to look at. A round of betting ensues, where players bet on the strength of their cards or fold from the hand. Next, the dealer deals three face up cards for the table. These cards are used in conjunction with the individual two cards a player has to try to form a powerful hand. Another round of betting follows. A fourth card, called the turn, is added to the three on the table, followed by another betting round. Finally, the fifth and final card is dealt. Any players who have not folded by this point reveal their hands, and the player with the strongest combination of cards wins the round.