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Lucky Red Casino - Runner Up


Lucky Red also has a spectacular reputation and the Sic-Bo  here is second to none. The graphics and sound effects are so realistic you feel like you are sitting at the Marina Bay Sands.

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Buzz Luck - Also Recommended

Our third recommendation for authentic Sicbo is none other than Buzz Luck. They've achieved this by offering realistic games as well as easy deposit options and fast payouts.

You don't need a computer to play here, all of the games are available to be played on your favorite mobile device.

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About Sic-Bo

  Sic-Bo is a dice game originating in China and can be found under a variety of names. Some other names include Tai Sai, Big and Small, or Hi-Lo. It is a game of chance and a game of betting, where players bet on certain outcomes of a roll of the dice.  This game is extremely popular in Singapore.

In Sic-Bo, three dice are rolled. Before the roll or as the roll is happening, depending on the mechanism used for rolling, players will place bets as to the outcome of the roll. An English variant of Sic-Bo, called Chuck-a-Luck, uses a wire cage to hold and roll the dice. This cage could be rotated for as long as necessary for all bets to be made. Grand Hazard, another variant from England, has a specifically designed ramp to roll the dice down. For online casinos, none of these methods are required, because a computer generates the roll.

Big and Small are the two most common bets. Big is a bet that the three dice will total between 11 and 17, and that the dice will not all be the same number. Small is the reverse, a bet that the score will be between 4 and 10 with no triples. Odd and Even are two other common bets, that the total will be either odd or even with no triples.

Players can also bet on specific triples, such as "three fives" or "three ones." They can bet on specific doubles as well. A wider bet is "any triples" or Alls, where it doesn't matter what the number is as long as they are all the same. Players can bet on specific totals coming out of the dice, anything from 4 to 17. 3 and 18 are triples, and would count as triples bets. Finally, specific combinations can also be bet on. A player might choose to bet that a one and a five will be rolled, for example.