Manhattan Slots - Best Slot Machines


If you are looking for a casino that specializes in slot machines than this is a great option. They have over 200 slot games to choose from including over 20 games with huge progressive jackpots.

They offer classical 3 reel slots as well as sophisticated video slots such as you would find in Marina Bay Sands.

They offer fast payout of winnings and the customer service staff is friendly and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


All Star Slots - Runner Up



This is another highly acclaimed casino that focuses on slot machines instead of table games. Due to this they have a large number of slots that are quite addictive.

The slot machines are designed to have high payouts and to be fun. All of the games can also be played on your mobile phone or tablet device.

They have a huge sign up bonus, as well as a rewarding comp program that will keep you coming back.

They offer fast payouts too all areas of Singapore.

Club World Casinos - Also Recommended


Our third recommendation for authentic slots is Club World Casinos. They are one of the first online casinos and offer a wide variety of progressive jackpots such as Major Millions.

They also have slot tournaments that you can enter which offer a great way to win. Choose from over 200 slot games.

You can play instantly from your browser, download the software, or play on your mobile phone.

A generous sign up bonus awaits all new players.

About Slots

  Slots, slot machines or pokies, as they are known in various parts of the world, are a common sight in casinos and gambling advertisements everywhere. Each machine and each game, whether played in a casino or played online, has its own set of rules and payouts. Some slot machines pay for pennies, while others may have a minimum bet of a quarter, a dollar or more.

The original slot machine has three reels of symbols. When a bet is made and the reels activated, they spin until each one stops or is stopped manually by the press of a button. The payline is the middle symbol horizontally across the reels. If all three symbols in the payline match, a payout happens. The exact amount of the payout depends on the symbol matched, with certain rare symbols offering much higher payouts.

Some slot machines have more than one payline. The most common are three payline machines, with both diagonals as well as the horizontal centerline acting as paylines. More complicated slot machines may have as many as five reels, or they may operate on different rules altogether.

In some instances, many slot machines are linked together. In the case of a website, it may include all games played through a certain designated type of slot. The combined losses to those machines is funneled into a rare jackpot that can come up on any of the linked players at any time. That player then wins a large jackpot. Virtually any possible variation on this theme has been created and operated at some point or in some place.

Slot machines are a deceptive form of gambling. Because of the nature of probability, which humans are unable to understand intuitively, it is easy to assume that a machine that has not paid out recently is on the verge of a jackpot. In reality, each spin is unique and has no higher probability of winning than any other has.